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Henri Louis Le Chatelier was a French chemist and metallurgist, born October 8, 1850 in Paris. His studies are based on research in the field of thermochemistry and chemical equilibrium of chemical reactions.

He graduated from the French Polytechnic School and Ecole des Mines in Paris. In this same school, he taught chemistry for a long time.

In 1888, he discovered the law of chemical equilibrium. This principle is now known as the Le Chatelier Principle. Relates temperature and pressure variations. Studied specific heat in high temperature gases, methods for measuring temperature.

He applied chemistry to the industry, mainly in the production of ammonia, steel, cement and ceramics. In 1907, he became Inspector General of Mines. In 1925 he published the book Science and Industry and in 1936, Method in Experimental Science. It also developed railway equipment.
Le Chatelier died in France on June 17, 1936.


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