Thermodynamic Formulas

Thermodynamics is an area of ​​physics that studies energy transfers.

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Internal energy
Internal energy

Internal energy variation

Work of a gas
Work of a gas

Working a gas under constant pressure

Working a gas at constant temperature

Working a gas under constant volume
Work of a gas in an adiabatic transformation

Thermodynamic Laws
1st law of thermodynamics

2nd law of thermodynamics

"Heat cannot spontaneously flow from a lower temperature body to a higher temperature body."

"It is impossible to build a machine that, operating in a thermodynamic cycle, converts all the amount of heat received into work."

"Entropy cannot decrease in a closed system."

Thermal machiness
Work on a thermal machine

Yield of a thermal machine

Carnot cycle
Work on Carnot Cycle

Yield of a Carnot Machine