From Monomer to Material - Introduction to Macromolecular Chemistry

From Monomer to Material - Introduction to Macromolecular Chemistry

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Have you completed the learning unit From Monomers to Materials - Introduction to Macromolecular Chemistry and are you looking for further material? Then we recommend the following learning units:

From monomer to material - terms and definitions30 min.

ChemistryMacromolecular Chemistryintroduction

Terms such as monomer, polymer and oligomer are explained. The names of the reactions for the formation of macromolecules are defined.

From monomer to material - styrene, the chameleon among monomers20 min.

ChemistryMacromolecular Chemistryintroduction

The properties of styrene that characterize it as a monomer for polymerizations are presented here.

From monomer to material - polystyrene30 min.

ChemistryMacromolecular Chemistryintroduction

A brief overview of the possibilities for the production of polystyrene, the different types and their areas of application is intended to illuminate the diverse range of properties of these materials.

Video: Polymers: Crash Course Chemistry #45 (July 2022).


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