Structural class 2 receptors

Structural class 2 receptors

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Structural class 2: 7-TM receptors

This structural class includes receptors that have seven transmembrane (TM) segments as a common motif. An alternative name, G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR), suggests that the receptors can bind to G proteins for signal transduction.

GPCRs are a prime example of a concept that has evidently proven to be very successful in evolution: a large gene family with a common structural motif, but whose modules are varied in such a way that different properties and functions can develop from them. The signal or the messenger substance that triggers signal transduction in GPCRs can be very different and range from photons to fragrances, nucleotides, lipids to peptides or whole proteins. The bandwidth of the signal transmission processes in which 7-TM receptors and the downstream G proteins play a key role is correspondingly large. This key role is also reflected in the multitude of diseases associated with 7-TM receptors.

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